226_Page 224 (1)Tuesday.5.th.September. 1843.

More agreeable to.day, still warm.
Dr Hasbrouck surprised us this morning; he looks thin. The children, Remmy in particular, delighted to see him. Mr H. slept all the afternoon, was exhausted by heat and fatigue.
I went to see Cath. Lynch, found her quite sick, from a miscarriage, pitied the poor soul from my heart. Her rooms very close, and warm.

Met the Dr comeing to Canal street with the children. We all went to Ginoches, for his “Wedding Ring”.  I tried it on for good luck. The moon lovely to night. Practiced the piano an hour.
Mrs Roosevelt and Miss Champlin paid me a visit to.day. Told me of the death of poor Mrs Holmes; once my friend.