227_Page 225 (1)Wednesday 6 th. September.1843.

Clouded, and damp. an appearance  of Rain. H. did not come to.day.  Julie set off with me for a long walk, after breakfast, we concluded to turn it into a ride.
Paid Miller’s shoe bill, five shillings still due.
Purchased a new pair for Julie. Rode up to mothers, she and C. had just started for Isabella’s. Sat an hour with Maria, who was not well, taking a dose of oil. Our dinner late to.day- business prevented the gentlemen from comeing up.
Bell, and F. drank tea with us, we had quite an amusing discussion in the evening. A small specimen of matrimony for the Drs edification. I laughed immoderately, not  feeling very deeply on the occasion.
We bid the Dr adieu for two weeks at least.
I have heard of the death of three friends, all cut off in the
prime of youth and pleasure.
Mrs Holmes, Miss C. Stephens, and Mr Grele. They
have paid the debt of nature; each one recalling to my
memory many happy reminiscence of by-gone days.
Obliged to punish Louis for rudeness, he is a sad
boy to manage.