227_Page 225 (1)Thursday.7. th. September. 1843.

A storm of rain, cold, and unpleasant
The Dr left of this morning.  I was up; but did not get down to pour out his coffee.
Cut out coarse towels.
Carpenter finished the frames for our nets moschetoe [sic] Remmy pale to.day. Julie has a sore mouth. Our house very quiet and calm, the rain falls steadily. My house wants cleaning sadly, intend to wait untill the children get off to school.
Mrs Okill [headmistress of O’kill’s School] , paid me visit, She found me quite in dishabille (1) Lavished many encomium (2) on my portrait. Was quite de-


228_Page 226[Some of the page is illegible do to tape being placed on the fold many years ago]

lighted with Ugolino. [a painting done by Anelli]  Mrs O. was unwell quite____ from cold asked for the children to return to school ___
eighteenth September
We had soup for dinner, to make us warm took a ___after our repast.
(1) Dishabille: the state of being only partly or scantily clothed.
(2) Encomium: a speech or piece of writing that praises someone or something highly.