228_Page 226Friday.8.th.September. 1843.

[Many words are covered by tape]

Very cool, blustering with bright
sun-shine as sundown or rather an hour
before sun set.

Mr Hasbrouck gave Remsen Calomel and grain ___ seven o’clock, at ten a does of oil. The deer little __ was very sick all day, and I took him under____ our care. He was very feverish, weak, and slept ___ the day-appeared better after the operation of his___ could not eat any thing, but did not complain.
Julie, laid in bed all day, reading the ___ nights entertainments”, which I borrowed from ___ Cate; Sent Simon [house servant] up to get them. She has a terrible___ mouth, will not take any medicine. Louis p___ in the streets much to his delight. calomel
A lovely, bright, cool, moonlight night, induced me___  out with Mon Mari. I never saw a more beautiful___


For more on calomel: see Wikipedia


A little poem found in the ciphering book of Blandina Lefevre

The Doctors Song
1) Physicians of the highest rank To pay their fees we need a bank Combine all wisdom art & skill Seems all comprised in calomel
2) Since calomel has become your boast How many patients have you lost How many thousands have you killed Or poisoned with your calomel
3) When Mr. A or B gets sick Go fetch the doctor and be quick The doctor comes with such good will And never forgets his calomel
4) He takes the patient by the hand And compliments him as a friend He sits a while his pulse to feel And then takes out his calomel
5) He then turns to the patients wife Have you clean paper spoon and knife I think your husband will do well To take a dose of calomel.
6) He then deals out the precious grains This madam I am sure will ease his pains Once in three hours at sound of bell Give him a dose of calomel.
7) He leaves the patient to her care And bids goodbye with graceful air In hopes bad humor to expell[sic] She freely gives calomel
8) The man grows worse, quite fast indeed Go call for counsil [sic] ride with speed The counsil [sic] comes like a post of mail Doubling the dose of calomel
9) The man in death begins to groan The fatal job for him is done His soul winged for heaven or hell A sacrifice to Calomel
10) Physicians of my former choice Receive my counsil [sic] and advice Be not offended though I tell The dying effects of Calomel.
11) And when I must resign my breath Pray let me die a natural death And bid you all a long farewell Without one dose of Calomel

~Abm DB Elting New Paltz Ulster County N Y The Doctors Song