230_Page 228- last page of bookMonday.11.th.September.1843.
Cold, and Raining in torrents.

I had my temper tried sadly  this morning by Simon, who is intolerably lazy, and deficient about his work. Set the table myself, and sent him out of the room. Nothing however will shame him, as he seems lost to all reason on this subject.
Little Remmy, very pale, and stiff this morning, but would come down to breakfast.
Took an Orange, and apple for his breakfast.
My chest rather delicate. I apprehend a cold if not carefull. Very chilly at times; Miss my nice cold baths, which I dare not take just now.  A snug fire very delightfull to.day.
Mr H. put on his cloth coat, and over shoes. Sent for Dr Anderson, who came to see Remson.