pg 003Thursday. 21. St. September. 1843

Very warm day. The Dr. came in from Stone Ridge wished Maria, to return with him. I went to the store with her. Mr H gave me 12$. to pay my debts. Called on Aunt Remsen, not at home. Rode home much heated. Eugene, came in to tell me Aunt Jenkins, would take tea with me to.morrow. Mrs. Hale from Sing Sing, took dinner with me by surprise, not appointment. A discussion with G. about the approaching wedding.

Friday. 22. nd. September. 1843.

Cool, and agreable weather. M. H. [Maria Hasbrouck] worrying as usual, about her dress and other matters, and things. G. came in with Aunt Jenkins; then took her to dine with a friend. C, came back to dinner, had a terrible cold on her chest. Maria left with the Dr. in the evening boat. Two Mrs. Jenkin’s took tea with us. Used my “new silver” for the first time. Mr H. does not get home untill late, much to Aunt J’s disappointment We ate an oyster supper. Eugene dropped in for C.