pg 004Saturday. 23. September. 1843.

Very pleasant. C. took Aunt Jenkins home. I went to call on Mrs. Hale, “not at home”. Ordered a white dress made for Julie. Purchased blue ribbon to tie her hair. Called to pay Mr. Parmly, not at home. Bought a blue Turquoise ring for Sis and “poor boxes for the boys.

Sunday. 24. th. September. 1843.

A hot August day. Went to Mr. Fishers, sat in the basement G went to hear M. Bellows, in the evening.

Monday. 25. th. September. 1843.

Extremely warm to. day. I sent Mrs. Okill’s bill up, amount 13.$.62cts. Took Julie to try her dress. Mr H. dined at home. Mrs. Buton sent me some fine grapes from her vine. Heavy showers in the evening.

Tuesday. 26. th. September. 1843.

Raining, and quite cool again. The weather prevented my going out to make some nessecerry [sic] purchases for the wedding. We have concluded after a dozen discussions to take the children, and set off on Thursday morning.