pg 005Thursday. 28. th. September. 1843.

A fine, clear cool day. We all arose early. I had passed a restless night haveing nervous chills running over me; almost gave up going; but G. would not let me off. We had an agreable sail up the river, the cabin was warm, and I did not feel any inconvenience. Dr Wicks, and Maria, met us at Rhinebeck. We all rode up to Cairo, and only felt a little chilled by the air, which was damp. Arrived at Cairo at five oclock went to the Public house altho! Dr W. wished us to go to his fathers next door. The groom, that was to be, met us at the door, pale and agitated, seeking in a cigar the comfort he needed on this trying occasion.

We remained but two hours, the bride looked pretty, the groom well, the cake was fine, and the ceremony legally performed. Louis, and Julie, were much delighted with all they saw, and conducted themselves very well. Julie looked sweet, in her white dress.

pg 006Friday.29.th. September. 1843.

Clear, and Bracing atmosphere. We all rode to the landing Catskill, and were obliged to wait some time for the Boat. The little Bride behaved remarkably well, and quite raised herself in somebody’s opinion. Dr W. and Maria, bade us adieu at Rhinebeck. We all arrived safely at home at seven, and happy, too happy was I.

Saturday.30.th. September. 1843.

Lovely day, mild and balmy air. The bride, and groom promenaded. I went up to see mother, who was sick with a bad cold. Met Mrs Dr Smith; and children.