pg 007 copy copyTuesday.3.d. October. 1843.

Changeing sky. A hale storm down town, not up. Helen. Dr H. and self. rode up to Chelsea, walked around, and were blown home, that is to mothers. Miss Moore came in, Sat in the basement all the evening The bride seemed ennuid.[ennue – bored] [sic] I walked out with G. The moon was shineing brightly.

Wendesday.4.th. October. 1843.

Cool, and blustering day. I felt quite unwell, could not go out with Helen. She went with the Dr. At four oclock they returned to Marble town. I was miserable; put my feet in hot water took a brandy sling, and went early to bed. G not very well, did not dine at home. Remmy complaining also. “Ma cousine” how charming.

Thursday.5.th.October. 1843.

A fine day, moderate and still. I feel much better, rested well on my feather bed, put it on yesterday for the first. Commenced cleaning house. Henry and M. sat an hour. G. did not dine home.

Friday.6.th. October. 1843.

A lovely spring day, too mild for a fire. Both girls cleaning house. Mr Fisher called in. I walked out with Remmy. Bought him boots 1$ gloves 25 cts. Dined on oysters. Had a chat with Mrs Newby on the marriage of Emily.