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pg 008 copySaturday 7. th October. 1843.

A heavy rain, but quite mild. I sat sewing in the basement with the children, they almost distract me. A bad cold in my head annoys me terribly. G came in late to an oyster supper. We retired before ten.

Sunday. 8.th. October. 1843.

Overcast, and raining. Cold better, I took a Sidbets powder. We did not get out to.day. Communion in Mr Fishers church.

Monday.9. th. October. 1843.

A bright, clear day. I cut up a whole piece of Canton Flannel this morning. Girls cleaning the parlours. I came home to dinner.

Tuesday. 10.th. October. 1843.

Cool, enough for pleasure to.day. I walked to the store with G. after breakfast, to select winter clothing for our family. velvet, and cloth for the boys. A dress for Sis. aprons, pocket hand kerchiefs, Sis. Flannel, coarse muslin Spools, sewing silk; pins hooks, & eyes Coarse stockings, black Silk. 20 yds calico for double gown I rode home. The basement getting cleaned. The kitchen white washed. 30$. to Ellen. Went up to the dress makers, Rushed very much. Put away our summer clothing. Marie came in to prevent me.