Sunday. 15. October. 1843

Pleasant morning. G. went with me to Church our church very much improved. Went to hear Mr Bellows at noon did not preach. Mr Hutton, in Broom St. Rain to return
home, Mr H, came for me very politely.

pg 010 pg 011Monday. 16. October. 1843.

A lovely Autumnal day. The fine weather tempted my willing feet to stray, to stay at home was monstrous. I therefore relieved my conscious of two visits which had been praying on my peace for some time. Passed an hour pleasantly with Mrs. Hutton; and returned Mrs. Grey’s call. Took Julie after dinner to get a school bonnet made of cross boned velvet; and a dark dress cut out.

Tuesday. 16. October. 1843.

Cold and blustering; like March weather. Mr H. sent me a nice Cab at 12. to ride out, and relieve myself of two other debts, standing out for six months. Remsen went with me after some hesitation on the subject. Spent a few moments with Anna who was teaching her boys and makeing a light silk dress. Called on Mrs Rhind, saw only Mary; rode over to Mothers, but terrible to relate, she had gone down to spend the day with me. My dinner was to have been slight to.day, but fate ordered otherwise. I added some oysters, which did not come amiss with cold ham. Pa, came in unexpectedly to me. Dr Hasbrouck also arrived from the country. Mrs Anelli called. I was much heated at dinner and felt badly. Mother C. and Pa left before dark. Mr H. came home late to his supper. 1$ for my Cab. An invitation to spend an evening with Mrs Grey. Sent an apology. They have had snow in Ulster county.

Wednesday. 17. October. 1843.

Cool pleasant day, not winter. I did not go out to.day. The Dr left us to.day, in the evening boat. I should have sent an invitation for Mrs Dr H. but did not. Felt unpleasantly at my [want] of coutesy [sic].

Thursday.19. October. 1843. Rain.