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Thursday.19. October. 1843. Rain.

Friday.20. October. 1843. Pleasant.

Saturday. 21. October. 1843.

Charming. The children are delighted to see a fine clear day, as they intended a jaunt to Chelsea. But unfortunately Julie, in the midst of her glee, slipped on the steps of the area and fell with great force on her left temple. They had just caught a rat, and were drowning it, much to the distress of Sis, who added to the tragedy this catastrophe. Her eye and temple were swollen and bruised, but she could not give up her visit, so they set off at ten oclock. Remy remained with me in preference; to help make pies. When we had finished, we set off for the bath, and were delighted with the order and comfort of everything, beside the deliciousness of the water itself. Had a chat with Mrs Hubbell on my way home. Abraham Varick, had called in my absence. Took a long walk with Julie, after dinner. Stopped a few moments to see Matilda Remsen. She is not improved in looks, but much in health. This visit and walk took place yesterday; in my absence Mrs Hugh Smith, Ellen Jane, and Mrs Mary Smith called on me.