pg 012Sunday.22. nd. October. 1843.

A summers morning, rain at noon, and cold clouds in the evening. I went to Church with Mr H. we took Remsen with us. Mr. Dewey gave us a “moral essay” in the Apollo saloon. Mr Bellows a sermon on the Trinity in the evening. I do not admire either of them much. G. does and likes their doctrine also; as more consistency with “reason, scripture, and History.” The Trinity on which Mr Bellows says they stand. Rem in Coat and trousers for the first time.

Monday.23.October. 1843.

A fine day, but cool and wintery. G and I went to gardnerhear the celebrated Dr Lardener [sic], lecture on the stars. Were delighted with his clear precise mode of make invisible, things visible, to our obtuse faculties. Diorama’s, and Drummond lights were also exhibited. The room thronged with people hundreds compelled to go away. The Trinity and the Stars or rather suns, fourteen times larger than ours, what incomprehensible truths. A barrel of apples to.day; to return to earth is a fall.

Tuesday. 24. October. 1843.

A charming day for promenading, too cool to sit still. Henry came in before I was prepared to see visitors, this always puts me out of sorts. Soon after Maria, came in, another arrival, unexpected!!! I walked down Broadway with M. looked at the fashionable cloaks Manteas at Stewarts Cloth, in vogue this season. We went to a great concert “Dan___ead’s, and Arlots.” She gave us Italian g____s, while he performed wonders on the violin. A fashionable, crowded audience applauded them unmercifully. G. and I were tired out, in the midst of the affair.

Mrs Van Sanford, Abraham V. and wife, and John Barnes made me a flying visit.