pg 013Mrs. Van Sanford. Abraham V. and wife, and John Barnes made me a flying visit.

Wednesday. 25th. October, 1843.
A disagreable day, cold and blustery.
Eugene came in to invite me to Chelsea to meet Miss Platt& Willard but I declined on the plea of weather, felt unable to go from previous dissipation.
Took in our winter potatoes ten barrels. Cloth cloak for Louis came home. Paid 4$ for Julie’s bonnet, and trimming mine.

Thursday. 26th October 1843.
A storm approaching snow in the air. I felt chilly The children have colds in their heads. Winter fires nessassary [sic].

Julie, lost her French Boo[k]. great lamentation.Her new dress came home, pretty but dark. School preserves their clothes very much.
This morning was devoted to writeing up the events of the past three weeks; and sewing on curtains for the third story. Time flies rapidly, my work gets beyond me if a moment remains unemployed.

Dressing, walking, reading, writeing, eating, company, children and husband, all require a mother’s Time.
What must accomplishments do for attention, when ever serious considerations, and imperative duties too often wither from neglect? This question arises in my mind daily, but the answer is never practically con-sidered or put in operation. Alas! for the weakness of human nature!!