pg 014Friday. 27th. October. 1843.
A cold storm of Rain.
We have had a slight snow in the night.

A hurried break fast the stage calling for the
children makes us earlier than usual.
Simon, is worse than ever, I speak to him no more
on my subject.
Julie, not very well, but anxious for
school in spite of rain. Louis also ready to start off.

I must record this as a truly happy day in
my existence, inasmuch as perseverance has enabled me to write up this scrapbook to the present hour.
Back aches, head-aches, pressing work, and poor
pens, have not deterred me from the unpleasant
duty. but how difficult to [recur] the pictures
of past days, even their shadows pass from me, a
brief notice that such periods have been is all my
pen could accomplish.
Prepareing my quince’s to preserve to-

Saturday. October. 1843.
Cold, blustering day.

A trying day for me, my throat and
chest irritated from cold. The children troublesome.
Louis in particular.
Preserved 19 lbs. quinces. Ellen, and I attended
them, they occupied the entire day.
We were very fortunate, as they taste and look beautiful.
My stock of preserves will be small this winter, but
I think we can do with less as we dine so late there
is no reason to eat them.