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At one oclock I dressed for a promenade, walked to the park through Broadway, met Dr. Jackson.
The wind blew cold, many muffs went out.
I was surprised on my return to find “the girls,”
and Miss Mary Brinckerhoff in the parlour.
Dorothea and Mrs Vredenberg had called but did not wait my return.
My dinner was to have been slight, but this secession
obliged me to add a tureen of oysters which were delight-full. Had a fire built in the parlour; the first time this season.
The young ladies, left before tea hour.
Miss B. looks much older, and shows many traces of sickness.
Julie, has a sore finger, and nose, and a cold comeing on her. Mr H. did not get home untill nine
oclock, and then took some fine oysters, so I was
compelled to eat another dozen.
My cold is fast leaveing me. and I both look
and feel much better. C. took two shirts of flannel to
make for me.