pg 018Saturday. 4th. 1843. November.
Cold, blustery, and clouded at intervals.

My H. purchased a mouse-trap, we are already
doing a fine business among the rats; catching three or four
in a day. Gave the boys [squills*].
I altered and mended Louis relict coat; it occupied
my whole morning.
Was pretty engaged to spend this day at Chelsea
but gave up my visit, finding much to employ my
time at home. The overcast sky, also prevented my enjoy-ing the ride as the stages are often cold places.
Dressed myself and sat down in the back parlour,
to take “sheer comfort”, every thing around bright and com-fortable, handsome, not exer___lingly so.
Julie, intent on her book, having read five volumes of the “Arabian Nights.” entertainments.”
Bridget cleaned the parlours.
*Squills: is a common name for several lily-like plants, some used medincinally.