pg 018 Monday. 6th October. 1843. November.
Very clear and still cold as winter.

The guests went out after breakfast. I remained at home to finish my housekeeping affairs.
Took a short walk to get shoes for the boys.
A pair for each.
Mitts for myself. 3.6d.
Intended rideing to Chelsea, but gave up, untill
after dinner.
Remsen, better to. day, does not cough as much.
Maria and Larrissa shopping all day.
Soaked Julie’s feet, and put her in bed quite sick
with her cold.
Mr H. chilly all day., I hope he will escape a cold
as we are all coughing, sneezeing, and makeing other discordant sounds. This influenza is an unac- countable complaint, we cannot account for it.

I sent for two pecks sweet potatoes. 5 gallons Oil.
winter strained.