pg 021Wednesday. 15. November. 1843.
Charming weather. Indian summer at last.

My cold almost well. Went with G. to
hear a lecture before the Lyceum**, delivered by A.B. Has
brouck*, also heard young Whipple deliver a poem.
Both interesting, but as wide apart as north and south.
The audience was not large, or enthusiastic.
*The speaker was undoubtedly Abraham Bruyn Hasbrouck, who at that time was President of Rutgers College. He was often referred to as
AB Hasbrouck. He and his partner won a landmark case in 1828 which enabled Sojourner Truth to recover a son sold illegally into slavery.
~ information given by Robert Hasbrouck
lyceum**Founded in 1817, the New York Academy of Sciences (originally called the Lyceum of Natural History) has evolved from a notable institution in the greater New York area to one of the most significant organizations in the international scientific community. Since its beginnings, Academy membership has included prominent leaders in the sciences, business, academia and government, including Presidents Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Louis Pasteur, Charles Darwin, Margaret Mead, and Albert Einstein. In 2007, members included an unprecedented number of Nobel Laureates (23) on its advisory President’s Council alone and other luminaries from all walks of life. ~ Wikipedia

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