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pg 025Tuesday.28. th. November. 1843.
Clear as chrystal [sic], but cold.

Arrangeing our winters store’s this morning. I find
my flour room too small. Mr H, has laid in
Two tubs butter
Thee[sic] bags Buckwheat meal; and other articles for consump-
tion through the comeing season.
Remsen’s velvet over coat came home. I took
him to walk, we did not get up to Mrs Okill’s.
G. came home to finish a dish of fine oysters
which I could reccommend [sic] highly.
I walked with him to the store after dinner,
returned to tea; tired out, not being well to.day.
G. bought me “Gerolstein the sequel of the Mysteries ”
The Mysteries of Paris & Gerolstein: A Sequel to the Mysteries of Paris
Sue, Eugene; Town, Charles H. (Translator)
Published by Harper & Brothers, New York, 1843