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pg 028Monday.4.th. December. 1843.
Damp, mild day. Streets wet, and muddy.

I set off after breakfast for the shoe.makers,
was re.measured for boots.
Paid Mrs Hassel, 5$. for lace cape.
Carpet bag Julie. $1. Pens. 25.cts. lost them
from my muff. Provoking enough.
Returned home, took Remsen, with me to
visit Chelsea. Found all well, and new dresses all
the ton. C. had on the one I sent her, it makes up
pretty. G. dined with us to.day.
I have not done any work to.day, my time has
been spent in running errands, much to my
Wrote a note to Bell, this morning, she gives us some
sweet potatoes from the south.
Heard of Harriet’s illness; an affection of the chest.