pg December. 1843.
Unpleasant, snow in the atmosphere.

I went up to Mrs Okills to pay her bill,
could not see her, left the amount with a young lady.
Rode down to Stewarts, his assortments of silks beautifull.
Met Mrs Mauran, had a chat with her.
Called at Mrs Burgoyne’s, to enquire after Harriet, who is
ill with an inflammation on her lungs.
Rode home; little Remmy too tired to walk.
Found Maria, awaiting my return.
Mrs Remsen, paid me a short call.
Bridget, ill to night. Sent in for
“Dr Geer”, he touched her throat with caustic.
I made her bed, put her room in order, had a fire
built, and gave her all the comforts in my power.