pg 032 Tuesday. 12.th. December. 1843.
A fine bright sun shine.

I went out with “mon mari” to
purchase a silk dress. Bought a splendid one
at Myer’s, 17 yds at 11 shillings the yd.
Was measured the third time for boots.
Met Mrs Smith Clark, had a confab with her. Spoke
to Mrs Woodward, about makeing my dress.
Returned home tired out.
Went to the Tabernacle in the evening to
hear “Ole Bull ”, the Norwegian violinist. The dense crowd
frightened me, I did not enjoy the performance.
Old Bull is a modest young man not handsome,
or gracefull. He must feel gratified by so much
old bullOle Bornemann Bull (5 February 1810 – 17 August 1880) was a Norwegian violinist and composer