pg 033Friday.15.December.1843.
A lovely mild day.

I could scarcely rise this morning, was so
sleepy. Went out soon after breakfast, to Miss Wittinghams.
Sent my black satin cloak to be made over.
Looked for a hood, found them too expensive.
Mrs [Leterwhaist], and old friend spent
the morning with me, we were quite amused with reading
“old lang syne”. I am all in confusion, another concert
to night, left my nerves in a tremor.
The children are very much displeased
with my constant dissipation as Julie, calls it; She in
particular gave us; G and myself some very sage advice.
The evening was damp, and unpleasant, I
trembled for fear of a cold, we rode down, and arrived very
early. The room was well fitted and “Mr Vieux Temps .
gave us some beautiful specimens of his genius.
Mrs. Sutton and Mademoiselle Vieux Temps were tolerable.
I was thankfull to get home, the evening was
so damp. Do not care for another concert in a week.
julia Henri Vieuxtemps (1820-1881) Belgian composer and violinist .