pg 038Christmas day
Morning. of December. 1843.
67 Van Dam Street  N.Y.
Bright sun. shine, mild as spring.

My ears were saluted by the barking
of little would be dogs at an early hour, which convinced
me that the Jubilee had commenced. A troubled sleep
and irritated throat were presentiments to me that my
day would not be as agreable as I hoped for but after
breakfast the feeling passed away.
The children had beautifull toys, from their kind father,
At noon we set off for mothers, rode up in an open
stage, the damp air blowing on me, unfortunately.
We met the usual assemblage of friends, had a
fine dinner and it would all have been agreable to
me, had not an intense head.ache mared my plea-
sure, and turned all to pain.
The inter ____ge of toys, among the children were
quite amusing, as countenances express, what
politeness conceals.
Julie had a book from grandmother, and bag fromAunt Bell”. The boys slays, and other toys.
Mother looked remarkably well, better than her progeny.
Julie looked fair and sweet.
We returned home early Remsen wo___ to go to