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Tuesday, 26th December 1843.
Unpleasant day.
I kept my bed all day. My palate inflamed and neck stiff. Took medicine.

Wednesday, 27th December 1843.
Lovely bright day, very mild.
C. called to see me. I kept my bed still. Mrs Van Ness and Miss Onderdonk called.

Thursday, 28th December 1843
A mild clouded day. Rain in the afternoon.
My cold better. Sent Julie up to Chelsea to stay a few days.

Friday, 29th December 1843.
High winds and cold.
Got up from my bed to see Remsen who was ill with fever and pain. Gave him medicine, sat with him all day. Put him in a warm bath. He was better at night.

Saturday, 30th December 1843.
Clear and cold. High winds.
Remsen and self better today. Maria brought Julie home. Henry came in staid to dinner. I remained upstairs with Remmy. The boys troublesome today. Mr. H. went out this evening to get some articles to please me, thinking I was wishing other proofs of kindness and liberality to me and mine. But these are not wanting, he stands on the highest pinnacle.