0004Tuesday January 1st 1850. 19 Charlton Street.
Clear cold atmosphere Snow on the ground.

We were disturbed by the music and noise of the
streets, but slept soundly after midnight. I did not jump up as
gay as a bird feeling very somniferous , Garret ditto!!
After breakfast we arranged our tables, G. assisting me with
great [ostinty]. At twelve all things were in order, Julia dressed and
myself in toilette. She wore her changeable silk, new pin, hair plain,
a pretty fair young creature, too fair to last. I could wish her many
“Happy new Years”, but think her happiest have passed away.
Our friends commenced calling, and the hours wore away rather
dull, as our intermissions were somewhat long.
Mr. Hasbrouck took Louis and Remsen in his carriage at one oclock
Denis drove them, they made thirty calls.
The Miss Leggets passed the evening with us. At ten we retired to
our rest. the great day had finished, not satisfactory to Julia, who
hoped to see some of her dancing school beaux. I felt for her well
concealed disappointment. Like the Indian, she shows little
emotion. Louis, and Remsen went to bed tired out having eaten
nothing substantial through the day. Julia and I took our
dinner, eating roast beef and ham, with great gout Mr. Woodruff
came in the midst of our repast .
Garret looked paler than usual to.day, but returned from
his calls, with more colour. He took his dinner on oysters
at Kipps, a fine table of luxury’s .
Mr. Swherin invited me to pass the evening, he expected
fine music from a Hungarian friend. I could not
accept feeling too much fatigued. Small exertions
overcome me, but to sit up an entire day prepares me
for an early pillow.
I sent an embroidered pocket handkerchief to Bell from
Julia, with a note. A collar for mother & the girls.
Catharine, presented Julia the “Amananth,” the “[Moulam]
family for me. Grandpa, gave the children each 1. $.