0006Monday. 7th /50

Sleet, and rain.
A dark, dull day. I hoped for the
Lock smith, he did not come, put my patience to the test. Overlooked my closets, put away all my cake, and destroyed all remembrance of the 1st Some jelly grapes Blanc Mange remain.
Sat in my room sewing, all the morning mending my clothes. Washed in cold water to give me strength. Theodora Berger broke a pane of glass in our area with a snowball. G. punished Louis, for telling an untruth. I dislike his mode
of threatening, it is too pernicious to have its proper effect. Louis, down cast all the evening. I wish such dismal scenes could be dispensed with; they embitter my life. Julia slept all the evening; spent two hours, with Sue. Distrait Remsen beat me at Backgammon, often conquered his father. G. read Prescotts history . I felt dull as an owl the rain pattered on the window.
William H. Prescott: (1796 – 1859). Renowned historian and author of : The History of Ferdinand and Isabella; Spain’s Conquest of the Moors; The Conquest of Mexico; The Conquest of Peru and The History of Philip II