Tuesday. 8th January/50.
Mild as spring, very hot, damp and muddy.
When the bell rang it was so dark
I thought it must be in the night. Slept too warm, the air so
mild, very lazy hen and chickens. Julia late for breakfast.
A lecture from G. on extravagance, this comes yearly so I
must profit by his representations. We certainly spend
too much, but for my individual pleasure, or rather to
gratify my expressed wishes, the large sums, are not
wasted. Our children become very great drains on our
purse, for them we must give up all minor indulgencies
Julia, takes all my pin money, she is more careless than
myself, of small things. I will adopt a new plan
this year, more economical for all interested.
No more gifts from my purse, untill I get one of
my own, or rather an income from some other source.
Garret is generous, but he must be just.
I feel on reflection, that he is like myself too much guided
by impulse, we act before we think. Then follows the
bitter drop in my cup, when presented by his hand.
I should like to get out, but the wet
streets alarm me. Confinement to the house is irk
some .
Mr Fullgraff [Young Julia’s piano teacher] did not come, we think him sick. Julia
knew her piece, regretted his absence.
This makes four lessons missed; if we include the holiday
Christmas & New Year. He will count but two.