0008Thursday. 10th /50Bright and clear.
I send for Mrs. Bloodgood, wish her to
line my merino skirt and alter my dark blue silk. G. gives me some lessons on economy, this comes from the poor purse, not heart.
At two o’clock I walked down Broadway to Middle
tons, bought “India Rubbers ,” lined 1. $. The air was agreable and walking tolerable, the sun had dried the streets partially. My long walk fatigued me. Finished a letter to Maria, in the evening played with the boys chequers. Maria & C. called in a carriage during my absence.
Julia, spent the evening at Mrs. Bergers , met Josephine. Little by accident, staid late. I sent twice for her. Miss Wood & Miss Grey. called to see her, both school friends. Garret thinks he sits too much, feels dull, I could wish him more actively employed. Excitement
would benefit him; but he will not enjoy society of the
right kind. My spirits are not as buoyant, now, as
they once were, being much alone, makes me still.
Julia is gay in society but quiet, almost sad at home.
I intend to encourage her taste for associating with
those of her own age, it is enlivening to the young.