Friday. Jan. 11th /1850.
0009Heavy showers, dark sky, moderate as May.
I was sorry almost to see rain,
as we promised ourselves, some exercise to.day.
The Locksmith came, and went through the house, putting
every lock in order, this passed off time as my
attention was directed to him. My draws obliged to
be disturbed sadly. Gave Julia a key to her toilette glass
Mended up the clothes from the Wash, my time
was employed putting all things in order.
Margaret made cake in the whaffle [sic] iron, very nice.
Catherine will not keep her engagement to dine with
us to day, it pours in torrents, drenching the windows.
Sent Annie to Middletons with a message .
Garret complains of cold in his bones, or neck, he is
ennui by this dull, damp weather. cannot feel amused.
I wish we had two babies for him to nurse; one for
each of us. How I should idolize the little creatures and
kiss the soft rosy cheeks. I fairly pine for something
to love & carress [sic], as only an infant can be caressed.
We read during the evening although; chequers & dominos
occupy some time, more than I wish. G. seems amused
by them, Remsen loves to tease his father.

[Ann and Margaret are house servants]