Saturday January 12th, 1850.
0010A fine clear day, very mild.
I was full of business to day.
Brought all my weekly affairs to a close.
Prepared Remsen for the “Museum ”. Sent him to see Mr
Fullgraff, he had been very sick.
Maria came in to announce C. s arrival, took some cake to her
Mother. Julia, passed the morning making visits, on Miss
Wood, Miss Grey and other friends, she did not return untill
near four oclock.
Catharine came in, I went out to walk, met Mrs. Smith.
had a chat with her, she boards in Broadway for the present.
Walked up to eights street, called on Mrs. Okill [headmisstress of Julia’s school] hoping to rest, but could not succeed. She was engaged.
Very tired on my return, sank exhausted in a chair.
Mr Fullgraff called, looking miserably has
had Bilious nervous; & rheumatic fever, is still an invalid, his
eyes still bright.
Catharine left before dark. Julia, went to take tea with Jose-
phine. I beat Garrett and Remsen at chequers. 4 games.
Mr Monlon, called, sat an hour has been sick with Influenza
just returned from Providence. He looked thin and miserable
full of parties, and life, gaiety with him seems “all in all”.
Louis went to the Battery this morning he did
not go with Remsen to the Museum.
Our Locks finished to.day, New latches put on the
front doors.
Sent Mrs. Bloodgood [dressmaker] her money 16$. 16 cts. this morning
Mrs Falconer bill paid also, 34$. 50 cts.
Spent 2.6d for others, as usual.Barnum's_American_Museum-photo_1858


 P.T. Barnum’s American Museum, located from 1841 to 1865 at the corner of Broadway and Ann Street in lower Manhattan, has been long recognized by historians as a pivotal institution in the development of nineteenth-century urban culture. For more: click here