0011Monday. 14 Jan./1850.

Very cold, but clear with high wind
The morning was very dark
I dressed by the lamp. At twelve the sun shone, we looked for snow, but the air is too cold. I think of trying a little walk in the neighbourhood.
Called on Mrs. Chenery, found her very interesting, all the ladies seem in this predicament. She is clever, and pricey, but does not seem all heart. I long for a good neighbour,
it would be so agreable [sic] for the children & myself, even Garrett, is often aroused by a visitor. Charlton St. has no kindred soul
for me. I must fly to books for entertainment, and pleasure. Annie, brought home my muslin dress, lined through.


FYI – 19 Charlton Street was sold a few years ago for $8,600,000.0019charlton119charlton2



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