0012Tuesday. 15. Jan. 1850.
Delightfull clear, and mild.
I arranged my house keeping affairs,
then prepared to make some visits uptown. Walked to Canal St.
took a stage for eleventh St. Mrs Varick, [Mrs Van Lantoud] not at home.
Called on Miss Champlin. She was out also.
Sarah, & Mrs.Leggett, called to see me. I invited Sarah to pass Friday
with us. Mr. & Mrs. Anelli, called after dinner sat two hours
both very agreeable. Mr A. particularly gay.
Jane called on Julia. Mr Fullgraff came in the evening,
looked very pale & thin. Played one piece on the violin. Julia
out of practice.
I was interested in “Home on the [__ rule].” by Mrs Ellis .
The pavements dry, and air charming to walk to.day.
I could not relish my dinner, the butter is so poor it spoils
the steak. Garrett went up to 20th Street
I signed two censure tickets for Mr Parker.