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0012Wednesday 16. Jan/50.
A slight fall of snow; the sun soon melted
it away.
The weather was too tempting for me to resist so I put on my bonnet to visit just after twelve oclock. Broadway gay and crowded, I felt shabby in my old cloak. My merino dreadfull heavy, since lined though. Called on Mrs Halsey opposite Becks, found her well, and very clever. Both her sisters widows, Magdalene unwell. hemorage[sic] of the lungs  What charming weather for winter it feels like spring.
The cholera fills me with dread, it again prevails at the south.
Opened a new firkin of butter, keep the poor for cooking. Must part with Annie this spring. She does not suit me very well, is amiable, but not neat. Cannot use her needles.
Julia handed me a note when she came home from school, it was
prettily written, and contained the fact that two gold medals would
be awarded to her, as she is head of both her classes. She also wished
me to answer it in poetry. I sent her some lines before tea & bed.