0013Thursday . 17 Jan./ 50.
Mild rain, falling very gently.
The morning was dark,
and I blame myself, for being too late in the morning.
We breakfasted at 8. Julia got her breakfast in haste.
My morning; has passed in various duties. I hoped to
get up to Chelsea, but must be disappointed by Rain.
Copied the lines, with some additions for Julia.
Garret looked pale with his cold, but
will not complain. I have had chills two or three days
but hope the weather produces them. My face troublesome,
a few spots disfigure me sadly, hope they will pass off.
Will scrub my silver closet to.day, or employ Annie
Julia brought me a book; “ Home influence”.I
read untill my eyes failed. We spent our evening alone.
Annie, staid out untill eleven by mistake.
Went to Luthers for
2 lbs tea. 4 lbs crackers. 2 quarts cranberries, and some apples too dear to eat.

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