0015Tuesday. 22nd Jan./1850.
Clear, bright sky, mild, high wind.
The storm has passed away, and the
sun shines most lovely on my vision.
I was displeased, with Louis this morning, he has will-
fully deceived both his father and myself. He must look
well to this dreadfull fault, it is at the foundation of every
crime. He put the wrong number of marks on his “Report”.
and blotted them from his “ Censure ticket”.
I must expostulate with him for this double deceit.
Finished my letter to Louise, sent it to the
office. Heard Remsen his lessons, sent him to walk.
Took a bath, and dare not venture out, as the air is so full
of dampness, as rather the ground is not quite dry.
I told G. of Louis’ conduct. Took L. in my
room, and explained to him the heinousness of his crimes.
Endeavored to impress his mind with his want of principle
which will, bring him in great temptations, if not checked