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Wednesday 23rd Jan./1850.
A fine mild day like April.
We all hail this fine day.
I dressed early, rode down to see Bell, she was not at home,having gone to Mrs. Haight’s, to see her sick child. Catherine came in to dinner. Mrs. Smith sick with cold unable to venture out. I walked a few blocks in Broadway, every body in their best attire.
The children came in late from school. Louis kept in; Sis
remained to learn some lessons.
I amused G. with chequers. Beat him twice; the basement
fire too warm, my head aches from confinement.
Rode to Chelsea; with C. and Julia. Spent the evening with
Miss Hornblower & Miss Cummings. They danced, and told
riddles. Mother & Pa enjoyed the amusement more than
I did. I was fatigued, and nervous, took some brandy to
strengthen my system. Played one set cotillions , my hands
very weak. Garret, would not come in the room, was not
shaved or dressed, had an engagement on the east side of
the town. Came for us at ten o’clock. He had some
difficulty in getting an Omnibus , both ways.
The moon shone beautifully and it was quite mild.
I went to bed tired.omnibus
Sis, danced and played some pieces of Music, the piano out of order, does not sound well.