0017Friday. 25th Jan. /1850.
Rain in the morning, clear at sunset.
I felt quiet to.day and saw
the dull clouds with great satisfaction.
Washed the Lustres in the front parlour. Went to bed, slept untill three o’clock. G. came home to dinner, he looks pale and thin. I think him worried in his business. He has several suits at law, this gives him trouble. A bad cold too has afflicted his appearance; but he complains of nothing either
mental or physical. Mr. Fullgraff, gave Julia her lesson. They played for Mr. Smith, who called to see about our roof. It leaks. Remsen would not sit in the parlour, he disobeyed and deceived me both, but went unfinished as usual.
Annie broke a piece of glass in Louis’ room, washing his windows, she is very careless, and clumsy.


Lusters: A decorative object, as a chandelier, having glass pendants

My friends are punctual.