0018Saturday 26th /50.
Bright sun shine, mild as spring.
The weather surprises us, it
is so mild & spring seems with us. January had been an un-
common month, so much rain and so little cold weather.
I have enjoyed this month, having good health & no colds.
Julia took a bath, then went to see Mrs. Wainright.
She is less amiable in her department, than I could wish,
but this is one of the disappointments of my life.
G. took Louis & Remsen, to get boots. A pair thin
boots for each, and a fine pair of India rubbers.
He sent me ten new chairs for the basement room, very
pretty patterns and I hope strong. So our money goes, in
a family; every day brings new wants, and new expenses.
Mr. H. has always provided with unbounded generosity and
now feels that economy is nessessary [sic], as our house and
wardrobes are well supplied. I have spent but 4 shillings
this month on my own person.
Covered a ball for Louis, this morning.
I regret that our cakes in the morning are so poor.
Garret, does not relish them, and Margaret, cannot get them
as they ought to be; I wish I could mix them but alas!
my ignorance prevents. We miss Jane’s fine cakes.