0019Tuesday. 29th Jan. 1850.
Clear, much colder than it has been.
We hail the sun with pleasure, and day
walking is so pleasant. I must get out to.day.
Rode to Mrs Bloodgoods, left my waist for her to alter.
Rode from thence to Broadway, called on Mrs Smith. Was introduced to Mrs Carpenter, her daughter, and her husband. Met Mrs [Doudle], and daughter; their faces familiar.
I sat an hour with Mrs Smith, she looks well for her, and is cheerfull and pleasant. Found myself chilly after riding in the omnibus.
The painters on our roof endeavoring to stop the leak. Maria called in, told me they were all going
to Burton’s Theater to see the “Serious family” performed.
I walked out with Julia, met Mr Atkins & Mr Monlon
She complained of cold hands, the air was very sharp.
Mr Fullgraff came, tried some pieces to.gether.serious