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0020Wednesday. 30th Jan. 1850. 19 Charlton St. NY.
Clear and fine day. not cold.
After reviewing my house
affairs, I prepared for a walk. Did not visit, but went for
exercise. Mother rode down to see me, arrived during
my absence. She has not been out in two months, her cold has left her weak. I think she looks very fair and well, a handsome old lady, can I write it. Her form seems to increase resembling her mothers, how changed from the handsome, rosy, well proportioned woman of 50. and of 30. that I recall so truly. Her manner is the same, mild, lively and lady.like, quite an example for her children.
I gave Maria, & herself a lunch of stewed oysters.
and cake, mother seemed to relish the repost. They left before our dinner hour. Miss Champlin called, looks very well, told us we looked thin, & Maria miserable.
Mr H came in to dinner, bringing me all
my lost silver, replaced by new.
6 large table spoons.
12 dessert [sic] spoons.
3 doz. forks, different sizes.
The forks do not seem as heavy as those stolen, the third
size is much smaller, than in the first set.
I was much pleased to be so rich again, but we do not not [repeat]
know where my treasures are safe.
Placed them in the closet, but conceal them under sheets.
Will keep the door locked.
Mr H. went to 28th st. I walked out, bought a box for
my jewels, cheap enough. 4 shillings.
Jane M. Miss Chenery called. Julia walked out with Sue.
I read “Agnes Grey ” quite interesting.
A fine attraction to.night.