0021 Friday 1st of February. 1850.
A lovely day like May.
We were delighted with this
fine weather, but laid in bed too late for the stage.
Julia is remiss, has walked the last two mornings.
Mr. H. gave her money to pay [Mrs] O.
Gave me money for Herald carrier and Milkman. 1$ for pin money. I went up to wash, and make my toilette, intending to visit in Chelsea; Eugene came in to tell me the “young ladies” had changed their minds and would all come down to pass the evening. This news turned me pale, and changed all my plans.
I walked to Mrs. Sayers. purchased cake 50. cts.
Left a card for Mrs. Livingston.
My walk was lovely, furs too warm
Ordered my boots at Middletons.
We dined alone, G did not get up untill late.
Julia dressed & prepared for her company.
Mr. H. arrived before tea, changed his toilette. Made the boys one.