0025Tuesday. Feb. 5th 1850.
Clear, and very, Cold. Ice, Ice, high winds.
Winter comes at last, real
bitting [sic] winter. Our Croton pipes frozen, gutters ditto.
I slept too cool, wondefull for me to relate.
Awoke when the bell rang; an effort on my part but
quite nesscessary [sic] to regulate our family. Mr H. loves
the bed, but strives to follow my example.
We were through breakfast before the stage called.
Julia, tore her “India Rubber” my fault, putting it too
near the fire. G. was provoked with our carelessness,
I was provoked at myself.
Dressed, and went out to walk, the wind and dust un.
pleasant, my face almost frozen.
Purchased Cream of Tartar, & Soda. 1 shi.
Tooth brush, hair brush. 50 cts.
Exchanged stockings at Sherwoods. 18.d
Ball of cord. 1 cent.
Sent Maria to Mrs Bloodgoods.
Mrs Berger, came in to beg old clothes for some poor woman
I must hunt up something for her, altho many of my
old garments are already disposed of.
Mr Fullgraff came in late, gave Julia her lesson.
I sat in the room, they did not play on the violin.
Mr H. sat in the basement reading, “Conquest of Mexico ”,
the boys studying their lessons.
Miss Blandina [Breniro], surprised me with a visit.
She came from Kingston or rather Poughkeepsie by railroad.
left plenty of snow in the country; Maria H. had gone to