0026Wednesday. 6th February.
Cold morning; moderating at noon.
I hunted old clothes sent a bundle to Mrs
Berger. Walked out, purchased a Comb for Julia; 5 shi 6 d.
some yarn 1 shilling
pens & paper, 25 cts. 6 d
Walked with G. after dinner found it very
cold again, freezing; could not go far. Left Julia, reading in
the basement.
She is invited to Mrs Okill’s on Tuesday night next, of course enchanted;
at the prospects of a frolic.

Thursday. 7th Feb./1850.
Slight snow storm, turned to rain.
I took my cold winter bath in the basin, fear
the shower bath. Regulated the closets, arranged all disorders
in my department.
Cut Crullers for Margaret to boil, she had good luck, her ginger
snaps very nice also. G. made his dinner on fried oysters,
I love them, but not so passionately as he does. The children
have not acquired the taste yet, they prefer theirs stewed.
G. invited me to walk after dinner but I declined
wishing to try rest to.day. A weakness prevents my enjoy-
ing long walks. not strong since Tuesday last.
Julia tried her lace dress, too short of course. I picked all
the spangles from her bodice, endeavor to make it plain & neat.
Spent our evening in the basement. I became e_____
wished for some excitement, conversation of music or tongues.
The children provoking to their father, by constant noise, he does
not punish them at once, but spoils them by too much
Bought sand for the birds.
G. brought me a paper, containing a piece on Industrial schools
written by Eugene.
I went to bed early to night, slept soundly.