0036Saturday. Feb. 23rd / 1850.
Clear, mild day.
We did not get up early this
morning; no school, no stage to arouse us from our pillow.
Remsen and Julia, wrote to the Ridge, to Maria & Johnny.
At 1 oclock Julia went up to Mrs B’s to get her dress cut,
from thence to her grandmothers. I prepared to walk
met Maria & Henry at the door; they came in, took a lunch
I went up to Broadway; with Henry. Returned home
alone; enjoyed the ramble. Garret came in to dinner,
went to 20th st; I took a second stroll to the “Parade ground”
more for health than pleasure, felt a lameness in my
limbs. Ferdinand & Bell came in just as I did, they
were unexpected guests, but very welcome to our circle.
Julia, soon came home, tired with her long journey.
Louis, gave the first exhibition of his “Theater”, for his
Aunt Bell, he performed very well, but things did not
go off very [smart]. He sold one “season ticket”, to his Uncle F.
Louis, had his hair cut.
Remsen has a burn on his finger, I must do all his
washing & business.