0037Sunday; 24th Feb. / 50.
A lovely clear day, not much wind or dust.
We all went to church.
Our text from these words, “What meanest thou Oh sleeper”?
The sermon was highly interesting, a short address to
parents; came home to me, and indeed every part was
applicable to our habits of sloth. Our inattention to the
spiritual wants of our children, and desire for their
worldly interests, forcibly portrayed.
We returned home through Broadway, it was a jam
I shall avoid it in future.
I went with Remsen to St. Thomas, after dinner, did [not]
feel able to reach the square again.
Mr Gliddon, an englishman preached, from these words
“The one thing needfull.” The service to me seemed cold,
the audience uninterested.
Met Mrs Smith, looking very thin & pale.
Garret, and Louis walked to Burnhan’s, Louis rode
home as he began to get tired, his father kept on alone.
They did not seem tired by their promenade .
Ann Quin, paid us a visit, she is out of place.
Little Julia their adopted child died, grieving for its foster
Every thing goes on pleasantly to.day, I wish it could
always be the same; but this would be too much comfort
for this world.