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0038Monday, 25th Feb / 1850.
Showers, sun shine & high wind.
Spring will soon arrive, the weather
has been mild this month.
I feel dull to.day, have not been out to walk. Employed
myself looking through the house, arranging all things
from the kitchen to the third story.
Margaret [servant] is very clever, and seems to take an interest in
the family concerns. Ann [servant], I do not like so well; she
is self.willed. and obstinate in her ways
Emptied our barrel of sugar, put it in other
firkins .
I feel the want of some few articles in housekeeping, but
money is so scarce; we are compelled to do without.
Must get a few nesscessaries [sic] for Julia this week; she gets
all my spending money; is ever in want of something. $.cts
Went out after dinner, left her parasol , to be covered 1.50
Left some collars to be fluted .
Purchased 3 [yds] silk to line Julia’s Mantilla .
Sent it to Mrs B.