Thursday. 28th Feb. /1850.
0039 Bright sun.rise, but snow before night.
The last day of Winter leaves us, with smiles
and tears, a few of the latter congealed to snow, but soon melted into copious showers.
I regret this last season, to me it has been full of quiet joys. My children have been steadily perusing their studies; like young colts, if sometimes restive, they are easily
controlled by the voice of authority.
[Hark thy] Julia, improves daily in her pursuits, she is ambitious to excell [sic] and please her teachers. In Music she is very faithfull, particularly since Mr F. praised her to another
young lady. She is also very engaging in her manners. Mr H. has been truly domestic, passing all his spare time at his own fireside. “Prescotts histories ” have amused him this winter. I have been employed doing a little of every thing, my health, has been very good.
A few shadows have passed our path, but when in this
world does the sun shine, with unclouded splendour [sic].

Friday will bring with it a new season, but who can tell if
its events will be for joy or sorrow. For me summer has
many trials and if cholera visits our city again, I shall
sigh for the happy hours of winter.
To part from G. in the summer months is a trial, but
I must strive to bear these things with more philosophy;
and not anticipate evil.
0040We were spared through the last summer while many
families were stricken to the earth, for this we must give
praise to the Omniscient , who appoints all things.
This winter every member of our family have been in
good health, indulging in all the good things of life.