0041 Friday. March. 1st 1850. New York. 19 Charlton St.
March 1st The wind blows, sun shines, and sky is full of fleece.
Spring comes in with its usual character.
____ blustery salutations. I forgot it had arrived and over
slept myself this morning. Every thing too late of course.
Julia got her breakfast, and stage however.
Louis put the birds in the big cage.
I gave each of the girls a dress lineing [sic], not new, but good
enough for their purposes.
Cut out six wash rags. Two night shirts for G.D.H.
My sewing gets on slowly; back aches writeing [sic].
Went out to walk, bought muslin for Louis Curtain.
Made it on my return.
Julia, dressed to walk with me after dinner, I was
obliged to disappoint her, not feeling very well.
Mr H. endeavoured to give up Tobacco, resisted
one day, but the evil habit conquered, and he resumed
the practice. To refrain he said would make him crazy.